About the Zen Science of Zen

The Science of Zen was created by Zen Priest Berry Crawford. Berry Crawford has practiced Zen meditation since 1992. While most of his practice has been as a lay householder practitioner, he lived at the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center and practiced as a resident in the mid 1990s. There he completed the initiation ordeal known as tangaryo and completed two traditional Soto Zen Practice Periods. Berry also practiced with “Diane Eshin Rizzetto” in the Ordinary Mind Zen school started by Joko Beck. Berry was given authorization to independently teach Zen by his teacher John “Shoji” Sorenson in 2022. He also studies koans with Russell “Kyofu Seikyo” Mitchell who is a teacher in both the Open Mind and Clear Mind Zen Schools. Berry enjoys sitting with Valley Streams which is a traditional Soto Zen group in Sacramento where he is a member of the “Doan-ryo”.

When not nerding out on Zen and Science, Berry enjoys spending time with his family while doing outdoor activities like camping, hiking, skiing and whitewater rafting.