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If this science based view of practice resonates with you, we invite you to take our “Science of Zen: What is the Self?” course. It is course where you interact weekly (or as close to that as possible) with an instructor (through email, message or Zoom) and are given a “homework” assignment related to practice. The next week you are given a new homework assignment and so on. Over the course of program you simultaneously:

  • Work on developing a daily or near daily sitting meditation practice
  • Learn about basic Zen concepts and teachings and explore the neurobiological aspects behind them
  • Explore the nature of self through experiential introspection techniques to gain wisdom that helps transcend suffering.

Note: We only collect an email address for communication about the class. This email address will never be shared and nothing will ever be sold to you. Science of Zen is 100% free, non-commercial and volunteer driven.